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    Teakwood Bar and Grill
      Location ???
      A quaint little place that specializes in Hot Wings..Mild, Hot or Suicide. The waitress put a warning on the wings...."you really don't want the suicide wings... they are just too hot for anyone to eat". We smiled and off she went. A few minutes later she back to get our meal order....she wanted to make sure she had our order before we got the wings and could still talk. She also kept us supplied with cold beer. Well the bartender comes over and puts our wings on the table and bets us $5.00 we can not eat the wings. Bruce requested a side order for blue cheese dressing... 1 quart.... I think they brought him at least a pint. The bartender also brought us a huge pitcher of..... WATER with lemons. Not beer and not milk. I don't know what others do, but drinking water is the last thing you want when eating something HOT! We all take a wing.... Susan & Bruce each took a hot wing; Alan and I each took a Suicide wing! Holy Habaner=F5s! An endorphin rush you would not believe! Yes, very strong in Habaneros. We asked if they used Dave Insanity in their recipe..... "it's a secret". We had 16 wings to eat, in order to get our $5.00. Bruce ate 3 wings, 1 hot and 2 suicide; Susan ate one hot wing (she is going to graduate soon); Sharon ate 3 suicide and Alan 3 suicide and 6 hot. "After you eat the suicide wings you can't taste the hot wings"..... stated Alan. What did Alan and Sharon order for lunch???? Hamburgers with jalapeno peppers on them. Does the waitress think we are crazy ??? She must...she had the cook come out to talk to us and to congratulate us on eating all the wings. Personally.... I thought I was going to get blisters on my tongue. I don't think Alan was phased by the wings at all.... did not even sweat.... Bruce on the other hand was sweating enough for all of us...made his hair curl. Best of all we could eat them and enjoyed them!!! "
      From: Alan Dean
      Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998


    Velia's Mexican Restaurant
      3545 West Highway 89A, just outside Cottonwood.
      Try it!
      From: (Brad Wheeler)
      Date: Thu, 6 Jun 1996


    Arriba [New Mexican]
      on the north side of Camelback at about 18th Street
      tasty food, good salsas and El Yucateco on the tables. Their quesadilla with Hatch chiles is very tasty and amazingly hot for only using green chiles.
      From: "David A. Verbil" (
      Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998

    The Brewpub
      Coyote Springs (sw corner of 20th Street and Camelback)
      They used to offer some really good wings - tasty and very hot (4 and I was in an endorphin high) ... I think they serve them tamer now, but I know you can get them hotter than they list on their menu.
      From: "David A. Verbil" (
      Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998

    Eddie's Grill
      I think 7th Street
      No comment was given
      Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998

    Los Dos Molinos
      2 Locations:Tempe (somewhere on Alma School in Mesa) and S. Phoenix (half mile north of Northern Ave. on Central Ave)
      The Tempe location is in the better part of town than the S. Phoenix location.
      Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998

      1582 E Bethany Home Rd
      Phoenix, AZ 85014-2434
      Phone: (602) 265-5886
      Cross Streets: 16th St & Bethany Home NW

      There signature is a side of mashed potatoes piped into a split green chile. May need to make reservations.
      Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999

    Teakwood Bar and Grill
      5965 W. Ray Road Ste 20
      Chandler, AZ 85226-1844
      Phone: (480)961-0945

      We went there in February with our friends, Bruce and Sharon. For an appetizer to our burgers with green chiles, we ordered some wings - 2 orders of hot and 2 orders of Suicide. The waitress said "You don't want the Suicide" (do you hear a chilehead challenge?) We insisted over her protests.
      When the wings arrived the bartender came running over with a pitcher of water and glasses ( is he misinformed?). We politely told him we didn't want the water. "YOu'll need it." he said. "I guarantee you won't eat those! I'll bet you five dollars." He was saying this to people that ordinarily take their own supply of red pepper to restaurants to spice up their hottest wings!
      Well let me tell you, the Suicide wings were hot....dripping with habanero and tasting great. The heat level was equivalent to smothered in Dave's Insanity only better tasting. We finished them all. They were wonderful. The bartender will never bet with the customers again.
      The rest of the food was also great......highly recommended.
      From: Alan Dean"
      Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998

    Farmers Markets:
    Roadrunner Park - Sat. til 1:00 pm - Cactus Rd. & 32 St.
    Vincent's of Camelback parking lot - Sat. ? time, Camelback Rd. and 44th St.
    Glendale - Sat. ? time, Glendale Rd and 59th Ave.
    Minn's Farm - farm stand at Northern Ave and 57th Ave.
    Young's Farm - in Dewey on the road to Prescott.


    * The Pink Pepper
      Location unknown
      It's Thai and they have two locations. I went to the one in Scottsdale. They use a heat scale of 1 to 10 and serve typical customers a 3 on their spicy dishes. I don't have the menu, but on the first dish I ordered I asked for a 5, and I asked for a 7 on the next. The 5 was nice, and the 7 was serious. The chiles in the second dish were Serranos and lots of them, and then they added heat. Sweaty evening!
      From: Dave Anderson (
      Date: Wed, 5 Jun 1996


    * Saguaro Cafe
      just outside of Phoenix
      9158 W. Pierce (606) 936-3413.

      A longstanding, 50 year old Mexican joint in a residential section. They serve wonderful fat burritos, tamales, tacos and the best frijoles. The tamales were voted the Best of Phoenix in 1995 by a publication called Best of Phoenix. It's worth the drive:
      From: Sunny Conley (
      Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998


    * Alphonso's Carnitas Jalisco [Mexican]
      2801 S. 6th Ave. (520) 882-7985
      Authentic Mexican food! It's an old part of town but don't let that scare you away. I've been in their kitchen and everything was made from scratch, except the tortillas...I think.
      From: Sunny Conley,
      Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999

    * Cafe Poca Cosa
      88 E Broadway, 622-6400
      Highly recommended by many on the list but a little too urbane for my jeans, beans and cornbread tastes. Great place for Big Night Out with group or date, movie/theatre, cruise the late night street markets. Nouveau art and tacky decor. Carne asada in tequila with roasted banana peppers was tasty. The creamy chipotle sauce over chicken flopped - chipotle was barely detectable and came uncomfortably close to a la king. To their credit, on request they brought out a large dish of fresh chopped serranos, onions, and cilantro - saved the meal.
      From: (Marc Norman)
      Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997

    * Casa Molina
      several locations, tried the one at 6225 E. Speedway
      Excellent chiltepin salsa, mainstream cheese enchiladas, bean and rice, just like mom woulda made if she had been from Tucson instead of Nashville. Interesting circular wagon wheel layout around a central hub. Highest proportion of non-English speaking customers - a definite recommendation. Juke box. Adjacent gift shop.
      From: (Marc Norman)
      Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997

    * El Charro Cafe
      several locations - original at 311 N. Court Ave, near downtown, 622-1922
      "charro" is a name given to peasants of the province of Salamanca, adopted in 1857 to good and able horsemen. Possibly least interesting salsas (tomatoy, kinda goopy, poured from one of those pancake house syrup jars with the retractable metal flanges), but excellent food. Specialty is carne seca prepared by marinating thin strips of fillet in lime and garlic, sun-dried in a wire cage suspended above the roof, shredded and browned in light veg oil with green chile, tomato, onion. Topopo (volcano) de carne seca was excellent. Rice heavy on the garlic, drinks in mason jars, classy cheesy decor. I mentioned the chileheads list and the manager took me for a tour of the place including the wire cage where they dry the carne seca. good folks, cool place.
      From: (Marc Norman)
      Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997

    * Crossroads Restaurant and Los Gonzalez Night Club
      2602 S. 4th Ave, across from the dog track, 624-0395
      1901 S. 4th Ave, 620-1020

      Antonio Gonzalez, murals by Luis G. Mena (1986) Great type section Mexican food, Tucson-style. Green chile dinner - chunks of corned beef cooked with green chiles. Try the cheese crisps for starters - - pizzaoid with strips of green chiles. We had a large group and everything looked great. Huge serves, low prices, pitchers of margaritas. Can't go wrong.
      From: (Marc Norman)
      Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997

    * DJ's
      They make hot wings of several different heat levels. The hottest is called "Suicide 911." This is the hottest food I've ever eaten.
      Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997
      From: "J. Jacobs"

    * Habaneros
      Westin La Paloma Hotel
      Restaurantt definitely did not do the name justice. Ohh give them a B- for effort, they did have a go at making house brew, and a couple of the items on the menu includedjalapenoss (what, no habaneros?), but the food was insipid and the beer, well, the brown ale was the colour of mud. Their logo's a pelican fer crissake. Nothing against pelicans, but I associate them more with tabasco than habbies, and this one had a goofy grin anyway. What adisappointmentt after the anticipation walking in, and such a contrast to the overall outstanding quality of food and drink in the Tucson area.
      Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997
      From: (Marc Norman)

    * Las Margaritas
      3602 E. Grant Road, 323-9880
      6011 N. Oracle Rd, 297-8341 (tried this one)

      Warm chips, 2 salsas. Chile con carne (green) shredded beef slow cooked with green chiles and onions - I should could go for one of these about now. Pizza-size tortillas. Incongruous big band music through slightly distorted speakers. Red-black decor, low lighting. A sparse Sunday night crowd, mainly a large family with new baby - grow 'em up right down there they do.
      From: (Marc Norman)
      Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997

    * La Parilla Suiza
      2720 N. Oracle
      Overwhelmingly voted as having the best fresh warm tortillas - melt in your mouth. 3 waycarousell of salsa - smooth red, smooth green, chunky tomato-based wet pico. not overly hot, but this seems typical of the Sonoran style chiltepin-based salsa. For heat try the chile tareados - jals rubbed with oil, halved, grilled, drizzled with soy sauce. Taco fajita well seasoned with grilled onions and green chile. Chicken enchilada with tomatillo sauce and white cheese - good value. The only place we went back to twice.
      From: (Marc Norman)
      Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997


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