Pepper Fool Presents Dining out In The Carribean



    Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997
    From: Kevin Mayall

    If you can get away (perhaps for dinner), head out to St. David's Island and go to The Black Horse or Dennis' Hideaway for some local seafood. You should find some good curried mussels and such. La Trattoria in Hamilton has good Italian fare - real popular for lunch.

    As a chile-head, you'll want to pick up a bottle of Outerbridge's Sherry Peppers as a souvenir. Also, for a drink with bite, order a Dark and Stormy (local Goslings Black Seal Rum and ginger beer). You can bring back a bottle of the black rum for $8-9 but you need to order it from the liquor store 24 hours before you depart Bermuda.

    Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997
    From: Peter Hirsch

    Been there a dozen times or so in the early 90's as a "ringer" in the = Bermuda Philharmonic and it is one of my favorite places. The food is good, but generally very expensive. For CH interest, there was a tiny place in Hamilton on one of the main streets that was called something like "Soul Food Kitchen" and was connected with some sort of Rastafarian-type group. The dishes were genuinely spicy and delicious(and cheaper than most of the more conventional type establishments on the island) In downtown Hamilton, here is also the Hog Penny, a pub-style place that serves well-seasoned food along with a decent pint. Most any restaurant will have a local-style fish chowder on the menu and this is served with chili peppers in sherry vinegar to heat things up. As someone already mentioned, the line of Outerbridge condiments is available at just about every tourist shop and some of these are quite hot; all are tasty. For tourist suggestions, I recommend taking the ferry from Hamilton to either Lantana Colony and walking the railway trail to Somerset or vice-versa. Right next to the Somerset Bridge ferry berth, there is a bar-restaurant that has a great terrace for sitting on and soaking up the view of the bay with Hamilton in the distance. I do NOT recommend renting a moped, though everyone does. Of course, I say this having rented a bicycle instead and nearly killed myself by falling over after becoming paralyzed with confusion over which direction the cars were coming from. Other than that, only fond memories.


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