Pepper Fool Presents Dining out In Thailand


      Date: 12 Nov 97
      From: "Eruna Schultheiss"

      As far as the hotness is concerned Bangkok is certainly the right place. Often simple places where the locals eat are great. I also enjoy the food stalls and street restaurants (as long as you are ordering cooked or boiled food you are safe).

      For a change and where ordering is easier (especially if you are going there for the first time) you may also try the Thai restaurants in good hotels. I normally prefer to stay away from hotels, but I guess Bangkok is an exception. I have had some excellent Thai meals in the coffee shop of the Indra Regent Hotel and others.

      A great and tasty experience is the Tumnak Thai Garden Restaurant (open air). There tel.#'s are 276 1810-2, 277 8833 & 55.

      My favorite is still the Thai restaurant on the waterfront of the Shangrila hotel. You need a reservation; it's worthwhile: both the food and the atmosphere are heavenly.

      Date: Th, 13 Nov 1997
      From: Eric

      My friend who has lived in Thailand says you should visit The Rose Garden which is a dinner theatre. Good food and traditional Thai dancing.

      Also, the Oriental Hotel has a restaurant connected to the cooking school which is very good, but expensive. Sits on the Chpo Phraya river where the Temples are.. Great View.

      Street Vendors are highly recommended He says you won't get better food anywhere in the world. Get the Khao Man Gai (chicken w/ rice) and a dessert called Salim from the street vendors. Kind of a cold soup (fruit and coconut milk and rice noodles). You'll not find it available anywhere else on the planet he says, but it is really good.

      Let me know what you find. Its been 8 years since my friend has been there and he is planning another trip there in the spring, so he's wondering if these places are still there.
      Thanks and have fun

      Date: Th, 13 Nov 1997
      From: lukasz

      Stay away from the Crazy Horse Saloon !

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