Pepper Fool Presents Dining out In Virginia!
Old Town Alexandria

    Old Towne ALEXANDRIA

      KING PEPPER [ "General" restaurant]
        King Street.
        Phone #
        I ate there about a year or two ago. The decor of the place is really nice, it is small and quaint. I was immediately disappointed, though, in the service. I was there on a date, and we were one of two occupied tables in the whole place, and we were right next to the bar. Yet it still took OVER 5 minutes for our drinks to arrive. Having been a waiter and bartender, I found this appalling! The service was exceptionally slow,though I have to say it was FRIENDLY. The waitress was very nice, though she had no sense of urgency.
        The menu features exotic spicy dishes from the world over, rated as being mild, medium, or hot. The selection was of uncommon foods from the various worldly cuisines. I remember having ordered wings that were listed as being 'HOT", and I was under whelmed. The meal, though, that's another story.
        I no longer remember what we ordered, or even what part of the world it originated from, but I don't remember the last time I had a more DELICIOUS meal. I was AMAZED! The food was INCREDIBLE! However, this ended up being the overall saving grace. We ordered dishes that were in the "medium" to "hot" range. The "hot" dishes were barely spicy, and the "medium" dishes were not at all spicy! I was torn between being disappointed and loving the delicious food! To top it all, I specially ordered a sample of something that I saw offered with another dish that was not being ordered...Habanero Pesto! The waitress looked at me as if I were nuts! When it was brought out, it positively REEKED of Habanero, yet when I sampled it, it was MILD! My date, who was NOT a chili-head, but likes moderately spicy food, was also under whelmed by the heat levels. Anyway, i just wanted to pass that along. Overall, I'd have to say that I enjoyed the experience, but as a Chili-Head, I was quite disappointed. I'll NEVER forget how WONDERFULLY DELICIOUS the food was, though.
        From: Brooks Miller (twooksie (
        Date: Sun, 26 Jul 1998

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