* Louise's Authentic Mexican Food

        **** 4 stars.
        Best refried beans I ever et. The chile-relleno was divinely inspired. You gotta kind of be prepared though; formica tables, linoleum floor, paper towels instead of napkins and a gruff old waitress named Shirley. "People think I'm the biggest bitch in town. HEY? DID YOU KIDS COME HERE JUST TO VISIT OR ARE YOU GOING TO ORDER SOMETHING?.....I don't know why." Then, when the owner (Louise) found out we were from out of town she comes out to talk with us and then gives us about 3 lbs. (2.3kilograms) of smoked salmon fillet. That was a nice touch. It almost topped the big shopping cart full of supermarket tabloids that had for customers to browse through for free while they waited on their food.
        We put it on our list of Places To Go Back To.
        From: danceswithcarp cdcombs@indiana.edu
        Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997

    Port Angeles

      * Thai Peppers [Thai]

        222 North Lincon
        Port Angeles, Washington 98362
        (360) 452-4995

        In Port Angeles, Washington, there is a little restaurant by the water. It is called Thai Peppers. Go here if you ever want to knock your socks off from spiciness. This is truly the best Thai restaurant in Port Angeles. It is a quiet place that lets you get away and prices are okay but not cheap, well worth it.
        From: Mike and Becky Hall
        Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2005


      * El Puerco Loron

        Half way down the Pike Place market "hill climb" (down to the waterfront...just ask at the fish market under the clock).

        El Puerco Loron (which I'm sure is misspelled). I believe it means The Crying Pig. A friend who lived in Mexico City for 5 years claims it's the ONLY authentic Mexican food around. AND the prices are low.
        From: Homer.Simson@null-addr.com (Homer Simpson)
        Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998

      For more information on Seattle go Here.

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