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    BIGTOM'S PLACE. The Chile-Head Page. Home of the Official Chile-Head ID Card.

    Biosphere Hot Page Home of the Ranked Chile Site List

    Chile Heads Home Page
    Join the Chile Head Mailing List, Search through the List Archives. Some great pictures as well.

    Chili. Net Chili Pepper Links Around the World !

    Firey Foods Super Site HomePage of the National Fiery Foods Show. Dave DeWitt, editor and publisher / Mary Jane Wilan, producer. Just about everything you need to know about the Chile pepper industry.

    Firegirl! aka Mary Going. A great site with a wealth of informaion. Everything from growing information to hot sauce vendors.

    Jude's Hot Sauce Page. A web page listing the various hot sauces in my small-but-growing collection. The list contains biographical information about each sauce (who distributes it, ingredients, etc.), and, for most of them, my comments about the sauce. I also have pictures of most of the bottles available for viewing; half of the fun of hot sauces are the names and the label designs.

    How Hot is Hot? Great information on the Scoville rating scale (chile hotness scale from paprika to Red Hab). Has a great list of varieties and many photographs. Great page. Everything you wanted to know about Capsicum. Links to seed suppliers US and UK, Growing section, Roasting, Canning, Pickling, Freezing, etc...

    Mark's Mostly Chile Page Ring of Fire Site, Pictures of Rocoto's , and Habaneros, Recipes

    Mark Stevens ReMarkable Website The Official list of Chile-Head's web sites

    Paper Peppers.Chile Contest, Recipes and Stuff

    The Pepper KingThe Pepper King owned and operated by George Martin Czeiszperger. The Pepper King is the state of mind dealing with the growth, harvest, and use of Hot Peppers! ( be sure to stop by my seed exchange! )

    Seed to Spicerack Great Site for Growing Tips. A must for those in the Northern Parts.

    Tom's Chile Pages Home of the Chile Picture Gallery

    U.K. Chile Head Probabaly the greatest single site for chile Pepper Information and the largest database of Chili Recipes

    Pedro's Tamales at 1-800-522-9531. (Lubbock, Texas.) They have great beef tamales. The pork tamales are still kind of new and not really perfected yet. But they send them packed in ice by air express. I get 12 dozen (will send as few as 6 dozen), put them in the freezer and we have them all year AND a big summer party. They are terrific. They send fed ex, next day delivery and the price is $60.00. Worth every penny.

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